Wednesday, November 3, 2010


  • Uranus is the second to last planet in our solar system!!!
  • Now most planets spin around the sun but Uranus rolls. Just imagine that Uranus has a North pole and a South pole. While Earth is spinning the poles are be up and down(More or less.). But Uranus's poles would be straight out on both sides while spinning so that means that Uranus is on it's side.
  • Uranus has 11 rings. The rings are straight up and down which effects Uranus orbiting and make it all wobbly.
  • Like Venus, Uranus spins the opposite way from all the other planets.
  • And being away from the sun Uranus is -350 degrees.
  • Like Saturn, Uranus's rings have dust, rocks and moons. Two of the moons are Cordelia and Ophelia. Two of the characters from one of Shakespeare's plays!
  • Believe it or not Uranus was only discovered in 1781 by William Herschel and his sister Caroline.
  • One year on Uranus is equal to 84 Earth years. And one day is 17 hours.

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