Thursday, August 30, 2012

Antifreeze Fish

antifreeze |ˈantiˌfrēz|
a liquid, typically one based on ethylene glycol, which can be added to water to lower the freezing point, chiefly used in the radiator of a motor vehicle.
This is the definition of antifreeze.

Antifreeze is a form of alcohol and is used in car ratdiators to prevent the water from freezing.

(Alcohol -just so you know- freezes at -202 degrees.
Water at 32 degrees and sea water at 28.5 degrees.)

Now you're probably wondering how a fish can be anti-freezable.
Well God created a bunch of fish that live in the Antarctica near the Ross Sea *(see the Ross Ice Shelf). They live in extra cold water.
One fish is called Dragonfish.
All these fish have a special protein in their blood that is a form of antifreeze that keeps their blood from freezing in such frigged water.
It's just another amazing thing that God did.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bible Bee reg.

Well, the Bible Bee on the 25th went really well!
I came in third for our group and Erin came in first.
It was a lot of fun and our judges were really sweet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bible-Bee Links

Here are some likes to what Erin and I have been using for the Bible-Bee.

Quizlet has been nice for testing.
See what you make on an eight hundred and ten question test.

Scripture Typer is great for memorizing any bible verse that you want.

Now I do recommend these not just for the Bible-Bee but also for and Bible study or Scripture memory that you want.

And here is the link to the Bible-Bee web sight.

Doing the Bible-Bee has been one of the hardest most rewarding things that I've ever done.
I know, -you're probably thinking 'Why's she giving advice to a Bee that she hasn't completed yet?' Well, that answer is easy enough, no matter if I'm one of the top one hundred kids in the nation or not, I've done what most people have never even herd of and at the same time doing things of eternal value.
Though, when Jess told me what I just told you, I pointed out that I felt like I was going to be eternally exhausted.

But I think that if you compete and make it to nationals or not, you've laid up treasures in heaven and done an awesome thing, and personally I think that everyone should do it.

Just a little encouragement, and I'm going to go memorize the last of my 25 passages.