Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The study of insects is called: Entomology.  
Most everyone calls any insect that they see a bug, weather it's a beetle or an insect of a spider.
Just to start things off right, spiders are neither bugs, insects or beetles, they are Arthropods -or Arachnids. Now those come later so we aren't gong to cover them to day.
 Here's the basic run down.
Insects: Have a Head, a Thorax and a Abdomen. The Insect has two sets of wings. Now you must remember that there is always an exception to every rule - even in science, so later we might come across an insect that has three sets of wings.
The Beetles:
Beetles are often identified by the fact that they have a hard outer shell.

So there is a little on insects and bugs for now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is my seventieth post. 
 Now you are probably wondering why dinosaurs on fifth-flying-day? 
Now what makes the differences between dinosaurs and say a rhinoceros? 
 Well, dinosaurs were reptiles witch mint that dinosaurs were cold blooded, had scales and laid eggs. There were different kinds of dinosaurs just like different kinds of dogs of cats.
Now why did GOD pick dinosaurs to be extincted just like the Dodo bird? But I really don't know GOD just did. 
To be truthful not all the dinosaurs are gone. We still have the crocodile. It is considered a dinosaurs because of it's size, also the Komodo Dragon. 

 There are one or two storeys about dinosaurs around that people have found.
One was of some fisher men who pulled up a huge carcass of unknown origin. Because it stank so bad the men took pictures of it and through it back. 
Think of how much scientists could have learned from it.
Komodo Dragon.

 There's another story of a dinosaurs that people have reported still alive. This one was called the Lock Ness Monster.
This is an Inland Bearded Dragon.

Well, there were a few other storeys of dinosaurs that people have seen alive. We do know that dinosaurs did exist because first, GOD mentions them more then ones in the bible. And second we have founds bones and stuff of dinosaurs buried in the rock from the flood. 
GOD also says that dragons existed and that Michael the angel fought a dragon with seven heads.
But I really don't know why GOD picked the dinosaurs to go extincted but he just did. 
Okay, I know that I didn't do a post about the dinosaur's but there really isn't much of anything to tell about so we'll just leave it at that.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Microbats and Megabats

 There are two kinds of bats.
 The Megabat and the Microbat.
The Microbat is much smaller.
There are many ways to tell the difference.
The first is by the size.
While the Megabat is huge and has a wing span of  up to six feet, (That's a lot of wing!) the microbat is very small.
The magabats when it hangs upside down to sleep, it wraps its wings around it and the microbat folds his winds to his sides.
 While the Micro. uses echo location to find it's dinner of bugs, most Mega.s don't have to ability of echo location. -Instead the Megabat prefers fruit, and you don't need echo location to help you find nice sweet smelling fresh fruit.
scents the Megabat eats fruit, it doesn't need sharp teeth like the microbat. GOD gave the Megabat short flat teeth that can help it chew the fruit better.
I would really like to see a Megabat flying around my house one night but they only live in tropical arias.
The Megabat eats many tropical fruits that with out these kinds of bats, would eventually die out.
So we can know that GOD has a purpose for every animal on the earth great and small and we can know that no matter how insignificant we may seem, we still have a purpose here on GOD's great earth.

Friday, October 7, 2011

What You Can Do With One Picture!

Here is one picture.
                       "Sarah picking flowers".
The picture when taken was  very dark.
So I lightened it up a tad.
Then I decided to have fun with the effects....

So lots of fun things with one picture.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Cow-Boy Day

The only way to eat ice cream is with your favorite boot beside you.

Michael watching a lizard.
The sad face is because the lizard got away.
Guess Who This is?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bat's Ears and Echo location

It's a common fact that bats use Echo location to find bugs and avoid abjects that they might fly into while flying (Trees, rocks and the like.).
Actually most people think that bats can just barely see and that's why the need to use their echo location, but no. Bats really have very good eye sight, it's just that they can't see a little tinny gnat in the black of night.
Bats use a very loud shrill noise to detect bugs and objects that they will need to avoid.
 This sound is to high for us to hear put the bat hears it- almost too well. It's sound that it sends out is so loud  that a bat could go deaf from it.
 But GOD has already figured all that out.
 When to bat makes it's sound a little shield comes up and protects the bats ear from the sound. After the bat has sent it's sound out and is waiting for the echo the little shield comes back up so that the bat can hear the echo.
 Pretty cool! Isn't it just amazing that GOD has it all worked out and not one bat goes deaf because GOD forgot to put in that little peace.
 Sorry that there aren't any pictures, but if I find any I'll post them.