Monday, March 5, 2012

Michael, 4 Years Today

 Michael was the biggest blessing that GOD ever gave us and a big surprise too.
 We weren't expecting to have more kids and were defiantly surprised that it was a little boy.
 We were also quite surprised to find out how much energy he has. 
 In one meal he can neatly polish off a grand serving of three to four peanut and butter and jelly sandwiches as well as some fruit and desert if we have it.

 GOD knew that we needed another little kid, plus he also bless mommy with the four years of rest betwean Sarah.
  I guess he knew that mommy would need to build up energy to keep up with him

Behold, children are a blessing from the LORD.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Amazing Sighting!

 Yesterday I herd my younger siblings screaming at the top of their lungs. So I ran to my window and saw that all my brothers and sisters were screaming and pointing at the sky.
  When I leaned out to look out I saw the biggest flock of birds that I had ever seen that weren't those little song birds.
 I ran out side to get a better look and it turned out to be a huge flock of Herrings.
 It was the weirdest thing that I have ever seen and it was really cool to watch them change spots because this big ripple would just flow down the lines.

 And so that was our exciting sight of the week.