Monday, November 8, 2010


  • Neptune is the second to last planet.
  • It is a bright blue and it two wobbles while orbiting.
  • Like Jupiter and Saturn Neptune as storms raging on it all the time. Neptune has a spot. It's called the Great Dark Spot. Scientist think that the storms on Neptune are mad of diamond dust.
  • Neptune is smaller than Uranus it's inner core is rock and surrounded by liquid.
  • A year on Neptune is 164 earth years, and a day is 16 hours long.
  • Neptune is also very cold! It is 370 degrees below zero.
  • Neptune has 10 moons the biggest of which is Triton which is 400 degrees below zero and Triton is moving closer to Neptune every day.
  • So only 1 more planet to go.
  • Second to last.

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