Tuesday, November 2, 2010


  • Everyone remembers Saturn by it's rings.
  • There are thousand of rings made up of rocks, dust,and ice that orbit Saturn.
  • The rocks range in size from pebbles to houses and all the rings are different colors.
  • Also in the rings are moons just orbiting Saturn.
  • Saturn's ring is 50 miles thick.
  • Saturn is the second biggest planet because it is next in size to Jupiter.
  • Saturn is tilted just like the earth, but compared to Saturn the earth is a marble and Saturn is a soccer ball.
  • Like Jupiter, Saturn is made up of hydrogen and helium gas.
  • Being further away from the sun, Saturn is 300 degrees F. below zero on the surface and 20,000 degrees F. in the core of Saturn.
  • A Saturn year is 30 earth years. And an Saturn day is just about 10 hours.
  • Saturn has 30 moons and the moon that is almost as big as Saturn is Titan.
So, I think we've got every thing on Saturn.

Did you realize how many threes Saturn has?

Wow we are going through this very fast.

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