Monday, November 29, 2010

The Last Post Is On Comets.

There are so many amazing things in our universe we cannot even begin to find all the things there are out there.
Comets are balls of frozen water, dry ice and rocks. As they move, they leave behind a trail of dust and dirt.
Once a year, the Earth passes through a Comet's path. When the dust and stuff hits the Earth's atmosphere, the dust and dirt catch fire. We call this a meteor shower. The best time to see it is between August 9th to August 13th.
The word 'Comet' comes from the Greek word kometes which means head of hair. And actually the Comets do look like they have hair.
The hair is actually all the steam rising off the Comets as they go on their orbit around the sun.
A Comet's orbit can be 200 years! Of course, some Comets like Halley's Comet only take 76 years to go around the sun.

Well I hoped you liked Astronomy as much as I did!

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