Sunday, January 15, 2012


Happy Birthday to you! 
 Happy Birthday to you!

 Happy Birthday dear Sarah,

Happy Birthday to you!

I wish you a very Happy Eighth Birthday my sweet little Sarah!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This eye is made out of hundreds maybe thousands of tiny little eyes. Each of these eyes sees and then sends it's own message to the insects brain.
  We aren't really sure why GOD did it this way but He did.
  Some insects also have what is called a Ocelli Eye. It is such a basic eye that it can only tell light from dark.
This is what a compacted eye sees.
File:Calliphora vicina portrait.jpg
Sorry about the fly. I found the most attractive picture that I could.

  Some insects have these in only one stage of their life and others will have it there entire life.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back again

Well, it's now time to get back to school.

On an insects head, the exoskeleton's plates are sealed together to protected the insect's brain.
An insect's brain isn't near as big as a humans or as complicated. But still, it's a brain and all brains are complicated.
  The insects brain works a lot lick a humans' brain. It sends messages through the insects nerve cord and the insect reacts.
(A humans nerve cord is protected by a back bone)

File:Abellón, abázcaro en Bastavales, Brión, 090726.jpg

The biggest questions is, dose a insect feel pain?
No one is quite sure but studies have shown that the insect probably doesn't feel any pain because if it did it would stop walking or at  lease react somewhat.