Sunday, November 10, 2013

Erin's Birthday

To day is Erin's eighteenth Birthday!!!
Erin and Rachel have this joke going, where, even though they are twins, they say: "On my birthday..." So that is why I did separate posts and Erin is born thirty seconds after Rachel so her post is later.
 One of the many things that I love about Erin is how she can make me laugh with an unexpected and witty joke. She's also one of the few people that I can just tell my deepest secrets and she wont laugh at me. I also really love her food (it's awesome!) She's always up for a party and is the one who always comes prepared to make people laugh and have a great time.
Erin is a hard worker and a perfectionist so she has taken on the those annoying things around the house that everyone tries to forget have to be done. She's great.
I thank God for blessing me with Erin's grin, her laugh, and her steadiness.

Happy Birthday Erin.

Rachel's Birthday

 To day is Rachel's eighteenth birthday!!!

I've really enjoyed getting to see her turn into a wonderfully young lady and I'm so happy to be her sister.
 In my family, we have a tradition of telling one of the MANY things that we love about a person on her birthday.
I guess I'd have to say that one of the many things that I love about Rachel would be that she just has this simple way of making me laugh with the little things she does without realizing it. Then, when she sees me laughing at her, she'll realize what she did and start laughing to. Even if someone picks on her, she's usually willing to just laugh it off. She's always wearing a smile, and even if she loves to have fun and party, she is always ready for a hard day of work.

I love you Rach.