Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bat's Ears and Echo location

It's a common fact that bats use Echo location to find bugs and avoid abjects that they might fly into while flying (Trees, rocks and the like.).
Actually most people think that bats can just barely see and that's why the need to use their echo location, but no. Bats really have very good eye sight, it's just that they can't see a little tinny gnat in the black of night.
Bats use a very loud shrill noise to detect bugs and objects that they will need to avoid.
 This sound is to high for us to hear put the bat hears it- almost too well. It's sound that it sends out is so loud  that a bat could go deaf from it.
 But GOD has already figured all that out.
 When to bat makes it's sound a little shield comes up and protects the bats ear from the sound. After the bat has sent it's sound out and is waiting for the echo the little shield comes back up so that the bat can hear the echo.
 Pretty cool! Isn't it just amazing that GOD has it all worked out and not one bat goes deaf because GOD forgot to put in that little peace.
 Sorry that there aren't any pictures, but if I find any I'll post them.

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