Tuesday, September 27, 2011


By the way this is a Microbat.

  Now, believe it or not, bats are part of the fifth day of creation.
 They are mammals,  but so are blue whales, and whales are certainly not part of the fifth day of creation.
  Bats are nocturnal mammals and most bats are no larger then six or seven inches from tip to tip.
  Bats- or most of them do not carry rabies. In the past 40 years only 40 people have gotten rabies from bats.
  People often get scared of bats especially a bat called a vampire bat, but bats are not human eaters and only eat bugs and fruit. Those bats that do eat blood only cut a small hole in the animal while it is asleep.  GOD made it so that the amount that the bat takes is not vital to the survival of that animal.
 Fruit bats pollinate and help to spread that seeds of rare fruit trees by first eating the seed then ...
 Well, we all know what happens next.
 Insect eating bats eat about six hundred insects in one hour, and they feed for about ten hours. All in all that equals 6,000 bugs per bats and there are about 20 million bats in Texas alone so that comes to a whole lot of bugs eaten every night.

There are about 900 species of bats.
  The bat is equipped with sharp little claws that allow it to hang upside down for long hours with no effort at all.
 So that's a little on bats for now.

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