Friday, October 21, 2011

Microbats and Megabats

 There are two kinds of bats.
 The Megabat and the Microbat.
The Microbat is much smaller.
There are many ways to tell the difference.
The first is by the size.
While the Megabat is huge and has a wing span of  up to six feet, (That's a lot of wing!) the microbat is very small.
The magabats when it hangs upside down to sleep, it wraps its wings around it and the microbat folds his winds to his sides.
 While the Micro. uses echo location to find it's dinner of bugs, most Mega.s don't have to ability of echo location. -Instead the Megabat prefers fruit, and you don't need echo location to help you find nice sweet smelling fresh fruit.
scents the Megabat eats fruit, it doesn't need sharp teeth like the microbat. GOD gave the Megabat short flat teeth that can help it chew the fruit better.
I would really like to see a Megabat flying around my house one night but they only live in tropical arias.
The Megabat eats many tropical fruits that with out these kinds of bats, would eventually die out.
So we can know that GOD has a purpose for every animal on the earth great and small and we can know that no matter how insignificant we may seem, we still have a purpose here on GOD's great earth.

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