Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is my seventieth post. 
 Now you are probably wondering why dinosaurs on fifth-flying-day? 
Now what makes the differences between dinosaurs and say a rhinoceros? 
 Well, dinosaurs were reptiles witch mint that dinosaurs were cold blooded, had scales and laid eggs. There were different kinds of dinosaurs just like different kinds of dogs of cats.
Now why did GOD pick dinosaurs to be extincted just like the Dodo bird? But I really don't know GOD just did. 
To be truthful not all the dinosaurs are gone. We still have the crocodile. It is considered a dinosaurs because of it's size, also the Komodo Dragon. 

 There are one or two storeys about dinosaurs around that people have found.
One was of some fisher men who pulled up a huge carcass of unknown origin. Because it stank so bad the men took pictures of it and through it back. 
Think of how much scientists could have learned from it.
Komodo Dragon.

 There's another story of a dinosaurs that people have reported still alive. This one was called the Lock Ness Monster.
This is an Inland Bearded Dragon.

Well, there were a few other storeys of dinosaurs that people have seen alive. We do know that dinosaurs did exist because first, GOD mentions them more then ones in the bible. And second we have founds bones and stuff of dinosaurs buried in the rock from the flood. 
GOD also says that dragons existed and that Michael the angel fought a dragon with seven heads.
But I really don't know why GOD picked the dinosaurs to go extincted but he just did. 
Okay, I know that I didn't do a post about the dinosaur's but there really isn't much of anything to tell about so we'll just leave it at that.

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