Wednesday, September 14, 2011


  GOD designed each part of an egg with a purpose .

  The Shell(Dark Purple) protects the egg and keeps it together. There are tinny holes in the Shell that allow gas to go out and air to go in. The Shell has millions of holes covering the Shell. These are called Pores.
  The Outer shell membrane(Light Pink.) protects the egg from mold, mildew, and other kinds of bacterias. You can find this part when you peel the outer shell off of a hard boiled egg.
  Then you have the Inner membrane (Still Light Pink) this acts as a back up for the outer Membrane.

Next is the Albumen. (Yellow). This the white part of the egg that you eat. This watery stuff acts as a shock absorber, it protects the Embryo and keeps it from drying out.
The Chalazae (Reddish Orange) holds the Yolk and keeps it from just floating around. If you find one of these in your egg it means that your egg was fresh. -Exceptions are made.

Next is the Yolk. (Orange) This is the part that you eat. The Yolk is not the part that turns into a bird. People often get the two confused. That is the Embryo - but we get to that in a second.
The Yolk is the Embryo's source of food while it's growing in the egg. (Eventually the bird/ reptile will grow to fully fit the egg.) 

NOW the Embryo. (Black dot in the center of the Yolk.) This is the - animal~to~be. It really doesn't do much but grow and eat.
And last- The Air Sack. (Light Green) When the bird is ready to start breathing air, it squarms around and bumps into the Air Sack with it's Egg Tooth and breaks this sack. When you crack an egg you can most often find this Sack.
An Egg

Both pictures were drawn by E. G. Pritchett.

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