Monday, September 19, 2011

How Is It that birds can fly?

    20. Then GOD said, "Let the waters abound with abound with an abundance of living creatures , and let birds fly above the earth across the fave of the firmament of the heavens"     21So GOD created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the water abounded according to their kind and every winged bird according to its kind And GOD saw that it was good.

SO, how dose a bird fly and where do bugs come into this?
This is how a bird is able to take flight.

Think you could do that?
Probably not.
 Well, whole thing is a a bird's fly muscles, and they are located in the bird's chest.
When you eat a chicken chest that is what you are eating.
You a Probably rethinking what you eat off of a chicken and Turkey. 
Well, the pink little thing is one of the chest bones of a bird.
The orange is humerus and it's attached to the wing part.
The light green smaller muscles is what conducts the up stroke and the dark red larger muscles
is for the down stroke.
Pretty cool!

Pictures by E.G. Pritchett. Please do not take without consent from me.

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