Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sulfur-breasted Toucan.

For my next study, I am using 2 books. One is "Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day" and the other is a collection of books with all kinds of animals by Tangerine Press. The one I am using at present is called "Showoffs."
The books just have a bunch of animals with either a big beak or the monkey with the wild hair.
Well I really like them.
The Sulfur-breasted Toucan lives in Central to South America in forests.
It, like the Horn bill, seems to have bills that are too big. The toucan is about 20 inches from the tip of the bill to the tip of the tail, and it's bill is about a quarter of his length.
The Toucan's bill is useful for getting in to bushes and picking out berries.
Toucans are black, red, white and yellow. It's head is head is 2 shades of green, pink and yellow.
Why do you think a Toucan has so many colors?

I think they have colors so they can tell the differences in each other.

Well there are at least 35 different kinds of Toucan, and it pays to be different. The do not interbreed and this protects their colors.

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