Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Rhinoceros Hornbill.

The Hornbill (bird) lives in Africa and Asia and ranges in height from 18 inches to 5 feet tall.
The horn on the top of it's bill may look top heavy but is actually hollow.
When the hen is ready to lay her eggs, she and her mate find a hollow tree and after the hen is inside the male seals her in with mud leaving a gap so she can breath.
She stays in there until the baby's are half grown and is fed by the male.
They stay in there until the baby's are ready to leave the nest.

The Rhinoceros Hornbill is one of the bigger of the hornbill species. They live in Malaysia and Indonesia. They eat nuts, bugs, and fruit.
Its horn is shaped much like a rhinoceros horn and is used to protect its eyes as it flies through the forest.

I am trying to get some pictures!!!!

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