Friday, December 3, 2010

Air Drag and the Dodo bird.

You have probably figured out by throwing a torpedo in the pool all about Air Drag.
When you run in to the wind it's somewhat hard but in the pool when you make yourself straight and smooth you go a lot faster. That is because of Air Drag.
GOD made birds a special way which allows for the bird to move easily through the air.

Now you probably all ready knew that so I will tell you about the Dodo bird.
It was first discovered in the Indian Islands by sailors who where tired of the meat on there ships(you would be too if all you had to eat was maggots) and so they ate the friendly birds and called them Dodo because they didn't seem to be very smart as well as not being very attractive.
Well the Dodo left their eggs on the ground and so with all the cats, dogs, rats etc. the eggs made a tasty treat for them.
With in 80 years the Dodo was extinct.
The dodo was around 2 feet 10 inches tall.
I don't know when it was found.
Some people thought it might have been related to the dove.
I am very sorry I don't have any pictures right now but I will soon.

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