Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Solar Eclipse

Alright, last day on the old sun!
So a solar eclipse happens once or twice a year when the moon goes over the sun and causes a shadow to pass over the earth. Sometimes it happens up to five times a year! Which is really cool because I thought it was when the clouds come over the sun but this is a different kind.
For a solar eclipse the moon covers the sun and makes it appear to be night! And even some animals get ready for bed.
But a Solar eclipse only happens for a minute or two.
You can also find websites that will tell you when the next solar eclipse in your area is and when it is and then you can watch it.
Although not to be "Johnny Rain Cloud" but the sun still peeks around the moon and you could hurt your eyes so maybe you should find some pictures instead and you also wouldn't have to go anywhere.

(Sorry, no pictures!)

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