Monday, September 27, 2010


How do we get color?
Well the sun shines a white light which contains all the colors in the rainbow.
Light goes in a stright line. That is pretty easy to figure out because when you but your hand in front of a light it makes a shadow.
Then how do we get color?
OK. Light is a form of energy The Light travels in a straight line but the colors although going in a straight line are wavy, and each wave is a different size.

Blue is a short wave and yellow is a long one.
Then when the white light hits a object the white light is absorbed.
Some waves are absorbed but some aren't. Instead the wave bounces off your the object and up into your eyes.
When your eyes see a blue object you are really seeing a yellow wave. Your eyes see it and your brain recognizes it, and makes it appear blue.

Now if there was no eye there to see the object, blue light would still bounce off the object, but would not go to anyone's eye as blue. It would just bounce up until it hit an object that would absorb it.

So here's a question: Is the blue object still blue if there isn't a eye to see it?
(If you find out please tell me.)

And by the way the sun is orange because of the atmosphere around it.

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