Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sun

The sun is so cool!
The sun is where we get our day and night.
Our colors, our warmth and if there was no sun the plants could not live and there would be no oxygen.

The sun is a big ball of flaming gasses so big that a million planets the size of the earth could fit inside of it.
It is 10,000 degrees on the out side and millions of degrees on the inside.
Some times the suns flaring gasses are so big and there is so much energy produced that our power here on the earth has to shut down.

GOD has put the earth the perfect distance from the earth a distance of 92,935,700 miles from the sun. If we were any closer all the water would evaporate and everyone and everything would die. And if the sun were any further away everything would freeze.
And so we see that GOD made every thing just right.

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