Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Green Ring Conspiracy

I decided to do a few things other then science posts. So I thought that a few reviews and recipes would be fun.

The review that I'm going to day is from my radio drama series called Adventures in Odyssey.
The Green Ring Conspiracy (album 53) is a twelve part episode about a counterfeit ring. (A counterfeiting ring is called a Green Ring.)

It all starts with a mysterious plane crash in a field with all three passengers being badly injured.
Only a few minutes later, Emily Jones and Matthew Parker are walking through the woods and find a back-pack full of money; thousand and thousand of dollars.
When Emily takes the back-pack to Whit's End to tell Whit.
While she's there and before Emily could tell anyone, Whit get's a strange phone call from the doctor and has to leave suddenly.
While at the hospital, Whit discovers that one of the passengers on the plane was actually his grandson, Monty and that his grandson is actually a secret services agent there to investigate a counterfeiting ring.

The whole story is extremely exciting, funny, and truly intriguing.
It's truly one of my favorite stories, and I recommend it for listening together as a family.

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Eden said...

Oooooo! I finally get to learn the entire story! :D:D:D

Great Job, Emily! I love your new picture!
~Eden <3