Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Metric System

Why do we have the Metric System?

'cause it's just so Cool!!!

The Metric System is used by scientists because it can go from beyond huge to the size of an atom of even smaller.

   We have different words to measure different things such as: Volume is called a Liter or in abbreviations (L.)
Mass is measured in Grams or (g.) And last of all; length is measured in meters or (M)
Here's what a part of the Metric System looks like.

              Pico one trillionth (or one tenth to the 12th power.)
              nanomicro one billionth (or one tenth to the 9th power.)
              milli one millionth (or  one tenth to the 6th power.)
              centi one hundreth (or one tenth to the 3rd power.)
              deci one tenth (or one tenth to the 1st power.)
              _____ one
              deka ten (10)
              hecto hundred (10 to the 2nd power.)
              kilo thousand (10 to the 3rd power.)
              mega million (10 to the 6th power.)
              giga billion (10 to the 9th power.)
              tera trillion (10 to the 12th power.)

(These are all Latin words & 10 to the 2nd or 12th power means that you add how many ever zeros. So ten to the 3rd power is 10,000 
  And there is the Metric System.

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