Friday, August 26, 2011


There are many different types of wings.
You would not believe how many kinds of planes are  designed after birds wings and their flight.
And I am very sorry for the frequent use of the word "designed".

The Fighter-Jet is designed like the Swallows and the quick way it can dive and sore through the air.

A Pheasant has short wings much like a Carrier-Plane. These short wings make it easier to take a quick take off and climb much faster.

 A Helicopter is designed after the Humming bird and the way it can hover.

 And Albatross has long wings enabling it to soar for long distances over the ocean without having to land. (This is nice because there really isn't anywhere for a bird to land in the middle of the ocean.)

A Soaring-plane's wings are designed in much the same way.

And even a parachute was designed like a bird.
When a Gull is landing it spreads out it's wings to catch the air and slow it's descent.

As for the turkey.... we still aren't really sure.

So that is a little of GOD's amzing wonders.

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