Friday, July 1, 2011

Bird's Bills

I am super sorry that I haven't done a post in so long but we have been really busy and then today I finally got a chance to get on the computer and I realized how long it had been since my last post.

We got a book once and it was about a little girl. And the whole book is a play on words. But my favorite part is when the girl is quoting her daddy and says: 'Daddy says all we get in the mail are big bills.'
  And it's a picture of a bunch of big birds with their bills in the mail box.

 GOD Created each birds bill in a unique way but suited to the birds habits.

 So that is some on all the amazing different of beaks.

 I am trying to find the difference between Beaks and Bills.
For instance a Wood-Pecker has a thin sharp beak that allows it to hammer through the wood of trees to get out insects.

 Birds like the Parrots and Parakeets have short strong beaks useful for cracking nuts and things like that.

A Heron uses her long thin beak to spear fish and to get down in the wet muddy sand to dig out bugs and worms that live down there.
A Pink Flamingo has strainers on the sides of it's bill that allow it to scoop up a mouth full of small bugs from off the bottom of a stream and then let all the water and mud drain out.

The Spoon Bill has a strange spoon like bill and uses it like a spoon to scoop up it's food.

A Hawk or a Bald Eagle has a long sharp beak that it uses to kill it's prey.

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