Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Egyptain Coursers

The Egyptian Coursers is like a Niel Crocodile's dentist. This odd little bird keeps the crocodile's teeth all clean and shinny and in return the courser gets a free meal. This system works out splendidly for all concerned.
When this was first seen it was past off as consents but then as it was seen to be extremely common it was realized that the Courser really did clean the crocodiles teeth.
Using it's long legs the Coursers rest on the crocodiles mouth.
As you doubtless know, Egypt is extremely hot, so how do Coursers survive?
Well GOD gave them the remarkably instinct to keep their eggs safe and cool.
The Courser buries it's in the sane and then throws water up on to the sand that covers the eggs to keep them cool.

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