Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feather Color

So how do birds get their colors?
Well there are many ways that birds get their colors.
The first is: The pigments that give a animal or person their color. So some birds get their color from Pigments. There are some animals with no pigments and so they are white and their eyes are red.
Their eyes are red because of having no pigments the light reflex off of their eyes turning them red.
The second way is what they eat. Pink Flamingos eat a lot of Plankton that gives them their pink color.
The third way is reflection. For instants: A Peacock gets all it's bright coloring form how the light reflex off of their feathers. -A Humming Bird's feathers also reflect.
A Blue Jay's feathers are the same way. If you where to crush up a Blue Jay's feather it would be white. That is because the feather only turns pink if the feather is all together.
And so that is a little on feathers.

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