Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Three Kingfishers.

There are three different kinds of Kingfishers. The Ringed, the Green, and the Belted Kingfishers.
The Ringed and the Belted are the same size; thirteen inches but the Green is eight inches.
The belted lays five to eight eggs, the Ringed lays five to seven and the Green lays four to six, but they all lay their eggs in holes they have burrowed into the sand.

(These are all pictures of the Belted Kingfisher.)

The Ringed and the Green Kingfishers lives in the Southern most tip of Texas, but the Belted lives all over the USA including Alaska and then up into most of Canada.
The Green and the Ringed Kingfishers eat mostly fish but the Belted eats crab, crayfish, salamanders, lizards, mice and insects. The Kingfisher tosses it's catch in to the air so that it will go straight down it's throat.
And those are the Kingfishers.

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