Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fairy Tern

O goody! Thanks to my wonderful dad, I have lots of pictures of the Fairy Tern!

The Fairy Tern is a small delicate tropical bird and is related somehow to the gulls. I think they are by far the prettiest of the Terns. The Tern eats insects and even some small fish.
Their strangest habit is how they lay their eggs. For some odd reason, GOD gave them the longing to lay their egg in the most precarious spot they can find. It can on the edge of a cliff or balance in the fork of a tree.
When the chick hatches, it has claws on its feet to grab on to where it is sitting. It needs these because it is most likely that the chick is on the edge of a cliff!
I think it amazing how God gives each creature different features which help it to survive where it lives.

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