Friday, October 15, 2010

Jupiter yet again!!!

Jupiter is the biggest planet and the astronomers can also see Jupiter's spot and so it kind of stands out.

Most people see Jupiter's spot and if the can't tell at first they recognize it by it's spot.
Jupiter spot is called-(are you ready?) Great Red Spot.
But actually the spot isn't a spot at all but a giant storm many times stronger than the storms we have on earth.
The storm has been going on for at least 300 years!
The Great Red Spot is twice the size of earth.

has four moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, which I do believe I have told you about.

Since Jupiter is very far away from the sun so not much heat can reach it. But Jupiter has it's own source of heat.
In the core of Jupiter there are hot rocks that keep Jupiter warm.

's days are very short. One day is only 10 hours. But a full year is equal to 12 earth years.
Jupiter is one big ball of gas. It is almost all atmosphere.

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Emily!

Are you interested in Astronomy?
I think it's really neat... last Summer I would go to bed sometimes past 11pm because I would be looking at the moon. AMAZING!

Our God is an awesome God!