Sunday, November 10, 2013

Erin's Birthday

To day is Erin's eighteenth Birthday!!!
Erin and Rachel have this joke going, where, even though they are twins, they say: "On my birthday..." So that is why I did separate posts and Erin is born thirty seconds after Rachel so her post is later.
 One of the many things that I love about Erin is how she can make me laugh with an unexpected and witty joke. She's also one of the few people that I can just tell my deepest secrets and she wont laugh at me. I also really love her food (it's awesome!) She's always up for a party and is the one who always comes prepared to make people laugh and have a great time.
Erin is a hard worker and a perfectionist so she has taken on the those annoying things around the house that everyone tries to forget have to be done. She's great.
I thank God for blessing me with Erin's grin, her laugh, and her steadiness.

Happy Birthday Erin.

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