Friday, September 13, 2013

My Little Bro.

My little brother Michael is so cute! He also loves food. We were watching a cooking show one night right after dinner and he kept saying: "Wow. That looks good. Can we make that mommy?" or "Is it snack time yet." And Mommy would have to say: "No Micheal. We just had dinner."

The other day, Micheal was in the pool. Mommy told him that it was starting to get to cold to swim soon so we'll have to take down the pool soon. Micheal likes to make everything into a party, so he came up with a plan which, naturally, involved food.

Here's how Micheal's plan went:
"OK, we'll have breakfast, then we'll start draining the pool. Next we'll stop for a snack and watch the pool drain for a while. Then we'll have lunch and drain the pool some more. For snack we'll have ice cream and finish draining the pool. Then we'll bring over the picnic-table and sit out here for dinner while the pool dries."

He has such a kind heart too.
We have a sick chicken that we think had a stroke so she can't move. Every time that I look outside, Micheal is feeding, petting, or protecting it. He builds little fences around her to keep the other chickens from walking on her or taking her food. Bless his heart, I love him to death.

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