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This is a post about my favorite movie. There are many reasons why I love this movie but I will give you all those reasons at the end of this review.

     The Plot:

The Disney film Tangled is based off of the old fairy/princess tale of Rapunzel.The story is changed for a funnier and lighter feel as well as being much more enjoyable.

They story begins when the queen of a beloved land falls ill while pregnant. In order to save his wife, the king sends out a search to look for a magical flower. The flower is found and it heals the queen. The baby that is born is a girl with lots of golden hair.

Everyone is happy and the king and queen send up flying lanterns into the sky to celibate the birth of the princess.
...well, not everyone is so happy.

Mother Gothel has been in position of the flower for a very long time -hording it to keep her self young. When the flower is taken, she sneaks into the castle and steals the princess. 

Mother Gothel keeps the princess in a tower and uses her magical hair to keep herself young. Now she can't afford to let the princess find out about her past. If she did, the princess would want to leave and Mother Gothel would lose her only way of staying young.

After the princess disappears, her parents are heart broken. But every year, they release thousands of lanterns into the sky on the princess's birthday with the hope that one day their princess -Rapunzel- will come home.
     Eighteen years later...
One her eighteenth birthday (her golden blond magic hair now eighty feet long), Rapunzel decides that it if high time that she went to see those mysterious lights that magically appear every year on her birthday.

Fearing that Rapunzel (and her only way to stay young) will be never want to come back, Mother Gothel lies to Rapunzel and forbids her from leaving the tower.

But help comes from many places. This help comes in the form of a thief.

Flynn Rider, a wanted thief, finds himself taking Rapunzel to see the lantern only so that he can get back his precious satchel. (In the satchel Flynn carries a most prized possession in it.)

Help also comes in the form of a tavern full of thugs that help Flynn and Rapunzel escape from the clutches of Mother Gothel, and all of Flynn's sworn enemies.

Finally, Flynn realizes that his satchel isn't worth as much a Rapunzel, but just as he realizes that, it's too late.

This wild story is hilarious, awesome, cool, and sweet.


I've herd a few people say that Rapunzel is rebellious toward her "mother". 

First: I would like to say that the only mother that Rapunzel is rebellious to is Mother Gothel who isn't even her real mother. Gothel isn't nice to Rapunzel and that is the whole point of the movie. If Gothel was nice to Rapunzel then there would be no redeeming value to the movie because either: a) Gothel would take Rapunzel to see the lights, then where would be the conflict of a story in that?
or b) Rapunzel would be content to stay at home. Then you wouldn't have any story at all. If Rapunzel stayed at home all the time, then Gothel would live forever snitching off of Rapunzel's magical hair and the king and queen would never have their daughter back.

I think that we should be very careful when judging movies like this. I think that it also opens great opportunities for parents to explain to the kids why rebellion is so bad, but why parents love their kids so much and do everything in their power to do what is right for them.

There is only one bad word in there (if you could even call it that.) It's a tear one so most everyone might not even consider it as a bad word. It's Josh spelled with a G. That is the only bad word in the whole movie and it's not even a super bad word. 

The only other problem part is where Flynn is trying to convince Rapunzel to go back to her tower so that he can have is satchel back. You might consider this part to be rebellious unless you think about Flynn's character at this point in the story. He is a thief who is only thinking of himself. He tells her that rebellion is good, and breaking your parent's heart is good so that Rapunzel will think of herself as a terrible person and go back to the tower, and give Flynn his satchel back so that he can leave with his prized treasure. 

If you think about this part, you realize that he doesn't believe any of the stuff that he just told her. Flynn only tells Rapunzel so that she will go back.

This last argument against this movie is (to be fully honest) not a very good one. People say that in the end, Flynn -a thief- shouldn't be welcomed into the family and live happily ever after with out having to pay any sort of price.

Well, I'm here to shatter all those ideas. While you were still and sinner, Christ died for your sins so that you could be welcomed into to His family. Flynn dose pay a price for his sins and he brings Rapunzel back to her family.


I think that Tangled is one of the most family friendly movies out there. My mom loves it and I know a lot of guys that love it (all though they wont admit to it.) It's very clean and super funny. 

But above all, it has the best opening line of all the movies that I've seen. 
The movie opens on a reward poster of Flynn as he says: "This is the story of how I died. -Oh don't worry! This is actually a very fun story!"
One of my favorite things about Tangled (and then I'll stop talking about it -can you tell yet that this is my favorite movie?) is the running joke through out the whole movie. The joke is that the person who draws the reward posters always messes up Flynn's nose. Everyone else looks amazing but Flynn's nose is always crooked or long.

There, I've given all my opinions on Tangled and I hope that you see it. Tell me if you have any other opinions on this movie.

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