Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rappeling Day!!!

Our Monday rappelling trip with our friends. We had an awesome time!
Ryan was the first Pritchett to go and for that he's very proud. He did awesome and also went off the big cliff.

I was really excited and nervous. It's a hard thing to walk backward, and your whole life you spend saying "Don't walk too near the cliff!" Then you're suppose to walk backward off the edge of the cliff. I was really freaked out! But Mr Scott and Davis talked to me and recited Bible verses so I made it down without killing myself. -Twice!

Erin was also really awesome! She went down the big cliff. She fell once but pulled herself together and got right back up. (it's also a really cool picture of her.)

Rachel also repelled, but we don't have any pictures right now. Mr Scott said that she was awesome at walking off the cliff right off.

In our family dad, Rachel, Erin, Ryan, and I were the only ones to rappel but everyone else in our family who didn't rappel had fun just watching.

 This was the tence moment when Erin fell. But she did live and we all lived happily ever after. It was a really fun day getting to spend time with our good friends and enjoying God's wonderful creation.

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Eden said...

Can I come next timer?! Great pictures!! Looks like you all had fun and I'm so glad you are still in one piece Emily!!! ��