Thursday, December 6, 2012

From Magic to the Army

Ryan and Michael were in bed this morning and Michael had some deep questions for Ryan to answer.
(Micheal) "Ryan?"

(Ryan) "Yes?"

(Micheal) "Is magic real?"

(Ryan) "No."

(Micheal) "So wizards aren't real?"

(Ryan) "No."

(Micheal) "So... I don't have to be afraid of witches?"

(Ryan) "Nope."

(Micheal) "So... I don't have to be scared of the army?"

(Ryan) "No you don't."

(Micheal) "Oh! In that case, I'm going to join the army and ride a horse and shoot and gun!"

(Ryan) "Well Micheal, soldiers don't really ride horse any more. They ride in tanks and jeeps."

(Micheal) "Well, I'm going to drive a tank and shoot and gun."

(Ryan) "You can only do one. You can't shoot and drive at the same time."

(Micheal) "Where are you going to be?"

(Ryan) "I was going to join the air force."

(Micheal) "Then who's going to drive my tank?" 

And that's how most conversations go with Micheal -just where ever the wind blows.

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Eden said...

Lol! Really cute!!!!!!