Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today is Leap-a-Year.
The twenty ninth of February! A big day because it only comes every four years.
  Do you know why that is?
  Well, the earth takes approximately 365 and one quarter days to orbit the sun. So what dose one do with the extra quarter day?
  If you just let it be, with in ten years, you would have Christmas in July and fourth of July in December. (I was just guessing on how many years it would take to mix every thing up.) But it would get mixed up if some very smart person hadn't figured out what to do about that small issue.
  So every four years, you add an extra day. And because February got dumped with the bad end of the day deal and got stuck with only twenty eight days, some one decided to give February the privileged of getting the Leap-a-Year day.
  There is also a Leap-a-Second because the earth doesn't take exactly twenty four hours to go around in a circle but that's another confusing matter.
  "So have a very Happy Leap-a-Year! :)