Monday, January 9, 2012

Back again

Well, it's now time to get back to school.

On an insects head, the exoskeleton's plates are sealed together to protected the insect's brain.
An insect's brain isn't near as big as a humans or as complicated. But still, it's a brain and all brains are complicated.
  The insects brain works a lot lick a humans' brain. It sends messages through the insects nerve cord and the insect reacts.
(A humans nerve cord is protected by a back bone)

File:Abellón, abázcaro en Bastavales, Brión, 090726.jpg

The biggest questions is, dose a insect feel pain?
No one is quite sure but studies have shown that the insect probably doesn't feel any pain because if it did it would stop walking or at  lease react somewhat.

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

That makes two of us! Haha!
I started back to school too! It's fun not doing school....until you get back to your books and see how much you've missed! :D

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