Friday, December 2, 2011


Now there isn't very much to tell about insects in genirol.
 There are a lot of them. The insect population out numbers humans at about a hundred to one, and so I couldn't possibly cover all the insects, besides there really isn't that much to tell.

  Butterfly (I chose them because it's just a short post.), have thoughsands of tiny tiny little scales on their wings and that is why if you ever catch a butterfly by it's wings there is this fine powder left on your fingers.
  These scales help the butterfly fly and give it color.
 The scales them selves aren't colorful but GOD made them just right so that when they catch the light they turn that color.
Each kind of Butterfly has its own kind of scales that catch the light in just the right color.
  The butterfly's colors also help it to hide and defend it's self. 

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So instresting!

God is so amazing!